Chatuchak / Jatuchak in details

Here, I am back to tell more about Chatuchak / Jatuchak Weekend Market in details - refer to

what's inside Jatuchak market ?

Just a word for Chatuchak - BIG !!!!!!

There are total of 14 category in Chatuchak :
1. Food & Drink
2. Book
3. Antique & Collectibles
4. Handicraft
5. Clothing & Accessories
6. Pet & Accessories
7. Used Clothing
8. Plant & Gardening Tools
9. Furniture
10. Art & Gallery
11. Ceramic
12. Gift & Souvenir
13. Massage & Spa
14. Others

In the morning, there are not much stall open until around 12 noon.. the place getting crowded with tourist :) This weekend market open till evening. I think most probably Thai people has multiple jobs and at weekend they open shop at Chatuchak. Some Thai work in the morning and then open stall at night.

Food Section and next is flower section.

Lady selling Raw Honey together with the Nest as Compliment coated with Banana Leaves.

-The Book Section : ) I wonder if everyone would read so much BOOKS ! ~_~

I wonder the parrot ever feel lonely ? A small cage with parrots-parrots ? they're too cute but too bad.. NO PETS allowed in plane.. haha.. perhaps only if I buy a seat for them ? lolx

-Those are pet section
There are 3 main entrances to enter the Chatuchak weekend market. I recommend to take
tourist leaflet at Information Center. The location you can refer to the example tourist leaflet that I posted at previous post. The information center look like this :

    There are things to take note.

  1. Careful with your belonging especially camera and jewelery.If possible, don't wear any valuable items to avoid people think you are RICH. In other words, seller would tend to sell things more expensive. (The place is crowded)
    -The place I think is safe for tourist but just as precautions. I could see a lot policeman patrolling. Pic below show a policeman standing in mid of crowd watching or perhaps STALKING for potential thief : ) I take the photo without consent of him : ) haha. what to do, my camera Panasonic DMC-FZ28 18X can zoom far enough just to take the picture of him without alerting him. Haha

2. If you get lost, just tell yours friends to meet you at the big clock tower which located in the middle.
Here is the picture far and close view.

3. Always negotiate before buying. If want to save money, do not buy anything that you don't use. One of the golden rules for Business : Always earn as much profit and never do any non-profit business. This means that no matter how cheap a thing was... it will never be cheap. haha .. LOLX ?

4.Do not stare at a person for too long unless she/he is beautiful/handsome. HaHA

5.Sometime, if you don't want to buy , PLS don't haggle price and don't waste other people time. Just be fair... some are bad while some a good..... so becareful when you want to haggle price... some might not be so friendly. However, it is still okay to ask "how much "

6. Basically the trend of market in Thailand is whenever you ask price, they will give you high price and then upon leaving, they will give u the cheap price and sometime, they just wouldn't let u off... However, just ignore it and call tourist police if such things happen. But, I not sure that tourist police could speak English.. so in other words.... better stay out of problem.... ask politely... leave politely.

7. By the way, remember to carry a bag... Because inside the market... there are superb lots of items.... who knows you might going to buy something while u decided not to.... : )

-When taking picture, just be careful... because I saw some No PHOTO signboard. However, I still take pictures.... given that I zoom from far.... haha and tat's not against the rules lol...

8. There are several method to get to Chatuchak market... by train, taxi, tut tut. I suggest go by train ( directly reach and fast). Tut-tut not worth because it is same price with taxi.

9. And not to forget, there is no smoking in open area. There is smoking place.

Ops, the kid noticed me taking his photo... but not the second picture :) The mongolian hair style Kid was busy with his public phone game : ) It's funny to see what those kids are up to..... - the second picture was taken nearby the Clock Tower.

Hmmmm... Chatuchak weekend market is getting crowded. Better leave now... I don't really like crowded place. Hahaha.... I need to get back to my work ad... tomorrow got presentation ....

Cheers, Kok Soon


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