My Current Progress :D

Date- Early October,
As I said, I tried to improve :D since a lot of things I been failing behind....
As in previous post, I tried to read the novel... and my current progress were on page 43... starting to enjoy the novel....
However, I could not concentrate on reading it and I will leave it for my free time :D
There were some difficulties I faced.....

There's too much Character name and sometime I forgot who are they :D ..... think around 5-10 character... some were temporary characters :D... main characters were only 3-5 ... haha May be I still a beginner ...

I love reading it while listening to music :D
Yesterday I just went gym with my friend and course mate Chee Sheng :D
He taught me a lot of new things :D

Number in first set must be higher than second set and so on.... and there must be an incremental of loads from set 1 to set 2... There must be someone to help you to carry heavier load so that you muscle will grow bigger and not to stuck with just a limited loads. (sometime you need little bit more energy to carry higher load... therefore someone must help you to archive it and then ur muscle will eventually build and grow bigger )

No doubts that working out or so called "doing gym " has a lot of things to be learned.

Exhale when using up energy and inhaled while resting :D
That seems to be a basic of doing gym while I just noticed when I heard some parts of the conversation of others ... It was Indonesia people talking with each other.... (more like a Pro body builder talking with beginner) haha.. As usual... just give a ear and learn

When writing this post, I figured out that ....it is not vice to simply ask other for favor without knowing a person political stand or behavior... This because some Indonesians are prejudice against Malaysian and Chinese... so Betta be careful not to step on others tails :D
There are few things in my list :D .
I need to study my Thermodynamics, Fluids Mechanics, Solid Mechanics, and Probability & Statistic.

Not to forget, there are assignment to be handed in coming week ( few more days left ) haha
Computer Aided Engineering, Solid Assg, Professional Communication Skills.
Did not did well in all those Subjects During Test 1.

Nothing big because it's a joy to study and do assignment. Why I said so ? Because sometime I used to complain about homework & study ..... AND when I was in holiday ... I start to complain about being too free and no need to study :::: haha
By the way, if I don't study... then how would I able to know more things and understand better ? and what alternative I have other than study? It's sound desperate but I would say I have many alternative. There's always alternative and always try to make urself to have another alternative so that you will be prepared when worst case scenario happened :D - example : not doing well in study ( make simple - U FAILED ) haha

I hope for a better future jobs that will be as challenging as climbing Everest and able to serve the communities :D
I not going to live my life as a pussy doing safe and dull office job . I seek for challenge and satisfaction !

and not to forget a Swimming Class during holiday :D .. I want to improve my swimming in order to be fit for Scuba Diving (to get an official diver License) :D

By the way, I am regret to inform you all that I did not check my grammars and english .. because 2 reasons : I am SUCK at my English - (I trying to improve already)
Second reason is I am lazy and I think there is no need as long I able to communicate and tell other people about my ideas strongly :P
By the way, I could not afford to consistently update my blog.. I will update whenever there is a new stuff or experience that I would like to share :D


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