Life getting busier :P

(1st Oct 09 )
2 vietnam air transit plane are settle d
plane ticket to HUE from HCMC and then plane ticket to Hanoi from DANANG
.... but recently I saw on the news that Hoi An which appear to one of the world heritage was struck by typhoon right after Manila.,...

The place was submerged with at least 1 m high water..... and there were some landslide...

Hopefully that places will be repaired and
did not ruined much... becoz I am going to visit that Place in early Jan.... :)

life is getting busier ... I hopefully I will be able to manage my time well ....

I hope that I could start read the novel that I bought last week ... titled " THE APPEAL " by JOHN GRISHAM.

below is the pic of the novel :D
Other than that, I also hope that I will spend more time revising for Fluid Mechanics, Thermodynamics, and Solid Mechanics :D

I also delete a lot of games from my laptop including Warcraft 3 The Frozen Throne, Red Alert 3, Counter Strike, Zoo Typcoon , and Need for Speed. I am deciding to reduce my time infront Computer and do something more beneficial :D
starting with reading Novel and going to Gym. ... Other than that... I guess I need to go out social more and making more friends :D haha

tat's all for today... it's enuf... aik... betta log into facebook for while before doing other stuff :P haha...

tat's sign of addiction to Facebook... I think I need to have more self-disclipine :)


S-e-a-n said...

wahsai, you had changed a lot!
that's good anyway, perhaps I should learn from you :)

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