Fucktacular Scenery of Mountains

video taken using my camera phone N79.

The beauty of this could be not seen from the video or photo, you must see it yourself.

What I see ? I saw all the mountain surrounding me along with some clouds. The sun just about to descend. Wind was blowing at the soft rate and you can feel the fresh and cold breeze of air. The temperature was just nice to make you hug yourself.. or perhaps if there a gf, I will hugging her hands staying close.. LOL.
I feel like wanna capture the whole moment with any electronic equipment.

video of at the bottom of Mount Kinabalu.... when I was on the way back to Zeuxiant House. There is a Hut behind me... old hut....

really nice view..... that's the place that you can find some solace.

I will update some picture taken from my camera (DMC-FZ28) soon.. today.. i just post this video because I stumble upon this video when viewing my other picture files.


jcdagreat said...

eh....very nice passion... linkin you yeap... happy sharing

maria stone said...

that looks like flat earth layers. i think you have a good camera. nicccccce.


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Lai Kok Soon said...

tat's just video from my phone, HD video tat i capture using camera is too large to be posted at here. :)

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