Weird dream but I love it, just to share... 12 October 2009

had a weird dream last night ( I was awaken by 4 alarms at 7.00,7.10, 7.20, 7.30am but continue to sleep then dream of), - were on trip on cruising the river by swimming and then picked up by a raft, then they bring me to an abandon house where I eventually climbed in through the black metal gate.

All the area that I was cruising was flooded with water. There were crocodile. The area was abandon but amazingly the house was well preserved. I went into the house together with others but only one of them followed me. I amazed by the structured of the house, it was the old English house where consist of 2 storey. All furniture well preserved and then I went further up to see. I discover a baby bed upon reaching top and then there is 2 rooms. Just above the baby bed, there is 2 portraits. One seems to be an owner of the house with little hair and a lot mustache together with beard. Another seems to be a Chinese English young girl pic and she was smiling. I only went into the one room and then saw another girl pic. She look similar with the young girl pic and she seems to be a full grown adult version of the young girl and she was pretty. It must be her room. Then the guy that following me told me " let's check up the surrounding.... " and then I went down and noticed there's alot of people and all of them wearing formal attire just like English people. Everyone busy talking and looking around. Me and the guy then went behind of the house and found that there's a big and beautiful city lies. Then... suddenly someone from the crowd told me that it is time to leave or you will be late or left behind.......

I ignored the messages and continue to look around because the structure of the house were so beautiful and ancient. Then, the guy told me it's really time to go.... then I climbed up the gate and discover that all people left me there and I have to swim back or.... and that's the time I wake up from my dream and found that the time show 7.59am. It was late for my class at 8am.. I tried to rush but failed.. it's too late...already time.... I did not go to the class.. However, I still happy because I feel like the dream was too beautiful to be remembered. The girl appeared in the pic of the dream seems to be my dream girl :D


Anonymous said...

it's weird that you can remember the details of your dream. btw, that's good you could dream of such nice dream :) perhaps next time you would able to dream of that gal..

Lai Kok Soon said...

i wake up str8 write it out since I missed my class already :P

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