Gunung Ledang Hike

I went to climb Gunung Ledang together with my friend ( Alex Gan, Lex Teo, and my youngest brother named Kok Jack ) during my last holiday ( 19 March 2010). Friday.

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Background information of Gunung Ledang.
Gunung Ledang was well known for its own legends. According to the legends, there were a princess named Puteri Gunung Ledang staying in the mountain. Once, a King(Sultan) tried to propose to Puteri and she accepted the offer but with few conditions. One of the conditions was to build a golden bridge connecting to the Gunung Ledang. However, all the conditions were met by the King (Sultan) except one which was killing the King own son. Therefore, the King gave up.

According to the guider that guide us, there are possibilities to encounter Nenek Kebayan (another form of Puteri Gunung Ledang as she can changes appearance) and also the Puteri herself.

It is a important to maintain a good habit when going to other people places. One should not simply litter and destroying tree. A rumor saying that there would be some certain unexplained punishment by forest guardian if one does not behave well.
the Climbing trail for gunung Ledang.

Info bout climbing ;
According to the local guide, there's a lot hiker got lost in the jungle mostly those who went for climbing without informing local authority.

 Generally, a climber need to get permit to enter and another permit to stay overnight (if plan to). Don't worry, permit just cost few Ringgits only.

Main reason to get a permit -  is to tell the authority that you are going to climb. In case, you did not return within a period of time, then the authority will look for you.

Gunung Ledang is a well-preserved forest. Climber must deposit some money for rubbish (precaution taken to avoid people throwing rubbish in the forest)

Here goes my experience :

Gunung Ledang has little bit challange but it seems to be difficult for those who seldom climb :D

taking a break after finish climbing few hundred of stairs :D The blue color shirt is our Guider. He is working part time as guider. Working for petronas as technician at Melaka. :D
Ants or Termites ? There are lots lots of that :(

nice view of Stone- indicating the best parts of the Gunung Ledang Hike
I saw this worm during my hike. It was quite big and length is around 1.3 feets.

My youngest brother climbing up the mossy rocks using rope :D
a small cave
I climbed this :D
A pleasant pit stop for me :D
rock covered by yellowish moss
highlight of the whole climbing, Climber need to climb this rope inorder to reach the peak :P
my brother climbing half way :P
that's what I call NICE
almost there
It just a stone
it was raining up there, I borrow my jacket to my brother :D
It is very cold - estimate temperature to be around 15degree celcious (raining and windy)
The weather were not so good, can;t see the Straits of Malacca and there's no view, except you can see those clouds are coming towards us.
it was COLD
having Lunch
pic of my friend, Yi Yang with me :D
overall- Gunung Ledang I rate it as worth to climb mountain :D
enjoy the climb and dont rush to the peak :P


Lai Kok Soon said...

here is the contact number of Forest Department Johor for Gunung Ledang;

Anonymous said...

Bro, I am looking forward to know the contact person (guider) of Ledang hill. Please post one or a few if possible. Tq

Lai Kok Soon said...

you need to call that number, some guiders are part time.. change sometime.... that is the main number. all guider need to go through them . coz u will need the permit masuk.

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