SMM Dota Tournament @ AFamosa Melaka

My friend Alex Gan bring me to watch the SMM Dota Semi Final Tournament held at Cowboy Town Afamosa Melaka. We went on 28 Nov 2009, the competition held for 3 days (Friday 27Nov until Sunday 29Nov).

This was my first time watching live Grand Dota Competition. MYM team was invited to participate in this competition. Not to forget, there are PokerIdol and some international team (there are teams from China as well).. but mostly are Malaysian Team.

Among many many teams, I only remembered MYM because that team was famous. I finally see actual MYM player.

They were playing Poker card ~_~ They look Handsome and Cool^^

I am really envy them... Some are even younger than me..

This certainly caught my attention. There are 2 team of girls participate in this competition. I only manage to take photo of this team. They were from Singapore and they were GIRLS !! Girls playing dota and participating in competition. Pretty and Hot girls.... haha .. as usual... un-avoidable .... vulgar and dirty words are usual... you get what I meant.... haha.. means those girls speak those words also ... My friend heard the girls scold Ci-baI (equivalent  as Pussy in Chinese) and shit ~_~.
No doubts, gamer girls are pretty... and here is one of the nice shot ~~

Nice leh ? I think I a bit fall in love with her.....


The 2 awesome MC. Their mouth never stopped and could speak continuous for 70minutes. They were like Football MC..... reporting every move... and trying to tense up the situation... No doubts, they were the people who cheers up the environment.

Here goes the (MeetYourMakers) MYM team playing :


MYM won the match and Here is them preparing to play for the next round against FTZ.
 Supporter of FTZ team. Many people sat down even before the game started. The places was crowded with Dota enthusiasts. I was one of them too...

 Supporter of MYM team.... Seriously I also supporter of MYM.. but I do not want them to win... don't know why.... may be because they win too much d... and sometime it was human nature to get boring and want to see something different.... MYM really put up a GOOD fight against FTZ... Their match was superb.. full of actions and VIOLENCES !!

MYM and FTZ really put up a good show. That was really an interesting game. (you need to be dota player to understand the beauty of their technique and skills)  It is really AMAZING !!
What Can I say ? It was same like watching a LIVE football GAME ... where you can see the player emotion and their passion in the game. It is totally different watching a replay.

This 1 is after the game..... where MYM lost to the FTZ team. FTZ team straight get recognition in beating a famous and strong team. In the pics, you can see some girls posing to take pics. Many people left after that match. However, after that FTZ lost. Even the famous team KS and CyberTime did not make it up to Final round. My friend told me that Final won by China Team. Google it to check the result.... haha.. I no longer actively participate in Dota because I do not see any long term benefit other than wasting my money and time. 

Did not went for the Final.... (29 Nov 09) because not worth wasting time there. As I have already witness how was A GRAND DOTA tournament like.  Conclusion, it really worth going to such places if never been before... once a while still okay :P

Below are pics describing the environment at SMM tournament :P (click to enlarge)






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