She's the one that I love

She is the one that I loved .... But the questions are how much I love her and how sure that I am not dreaming ? ......

In fact, I just met her once in the Train from Ayutthaya to Bangkok at around 4.30pm-6.30pm GMT +7

Never talked to her because :

1. She was with another man.
2. I maintained low self-esteem
3. Thinking of distance relationship is painful
4. Never taught of trying
5. Afraid of failure
6. No money
7. Good at nothing yet face sux

LOL..... but upon reaching Bangkok...... she called the man as brother and then I saw another old lady moving along with her which I suspect is her mother...

She even requested her brother to let her take most of the luggage by herself... kinda strong and tough girl + little tomboy.... that's what attracted me... seriously
means ...... they are family and yet ....They are taking a lot of luggage which seems to be moving to Bangkok....

haha... just another pathetic experience other than Cameron Highland Girl incident @ Kea Farm... .hahaha... enjoyed it anyway.. haha

it's experience anyway.. just a bit painful :)

below is some of pic in Thai- 1st night & 2nd night


leechon said...

wahahhaa...so this is one of ur target in travelling..=D

Anonymous said...

those are your unforgettable memories with which you have burdened your brain. let it go off.


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Lai Kok Soon said...

Appreciate that. thx :) haha . by the way.. why ur blog nothing ?

c ya

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