random pic from Thai 1-9June

Close view of the temple Structure : )
it's an Ancient Temple.

Elephant at Maesa Camp painting.

Family Picture at Karen Village @ ChiangMai

Karen- seems farmiliar ? She is the famous one that always appear in WEB. I saw her picture before when I was doing my academic writting (last 2 semester - a year ago)
Seems that the Neck Ring culture against the human rights but what if without the ring and no longer attract tourist ? will they able to survive on their own ?

By the way, these native people including Karen, Big Ear Hole, and etc are being taken care by Government and Private.
Male are working the nearby Maesa Elephant Camp.
Not to be forgotten, all their houses are home-made.. which means .... very easy to get fire especially the roof that made from dry leaves.
They replace the dry leaves once a year.

This is me, Lai Kok Soon posing with Monkey @ Monkey camp. - at there can see some monkey show.. - optional , but I prefer to watch Human Monkey Show . LOLX
not recommended unless got extra time and willing to spend some entrance fees.


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