Daily Updates

Today, I spend my whole day searching for something...

Guess what.... I searched for TOP listed company in Fortune Magazine....

Today I really learned a lot of top listed company... and changed some of my perspective... In actual fact, what I heard is totally wrong.... I dun wan mention those companies name but just want to say that they aint really good from what you hear off.... there are much more better companies....haha....

when u see the toyota annual income... you will totally salute them... I wonder how they manage to generate so much money and even beat up some great companies... haha

Below is the link of most admired champion company :

learning something new everyday with Straitstimes... even though I not in Singapore but I do find their newspaper a lot more interesting than Msia....dunno y.. perhaps too much lie in Msia newspaper..
the link for straitstimes : http://www.straitstimes.com/


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