My vietnam trip Summary - Part 2

Part 2 - (Day 5 and Day 6)

Places : Nha Thrang & My Son

My Personal Rating - (Nha Thrang is not worth going) while My Son is okay okay only (moderate)
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Day 5 :

Early morning - around 7 am Vietnam time.... Went for a morning walk along the Nha Thrang beach.

and then stop by into the traditional art work shop, 
Inside the shop =

Followed the Sinh Tourist Nha Thrang Island Tour.
Photo myself standing infront Nha Thrang Jetty ~_~

The first destination was Sea Aquarium. The actual color of Sea Acquarium ~_~ Nothing much but an ugly cements building. (not doubts that it looks nice in picture but not actual)
 Inside the Aquarium

Nothing much except you get to see some sea fishes..... [Common]

view from the top tower ~_=
snorkelling at dirty water ...... snorkelling at Nha Thrang indeed a bad idea.... water isnt clear but hazzy
bored of snorkel then I went up boat to jump from boat =_= lolx !
here is the animated pics
Limited dishes but Buffet Lunch ~_~ '' za dou...
the party time ~_~
- after that nothing special except getting prepare for bus to Hoi An.

Day 6:- 31st December 2009
Hoi AN
- reach Hoi An early in the Morning
Morning - went to My Son (followed Sinh Tourist program)
My Son is actually ancient temple and some of the temple were destroyed during the Vietnam War. Compared to Ayutthaya (Thailand), My Son is nothing. Because in my opinion, ancient temple in My Son wont amaze you but Ayutthaya will. 
Visitor get to see the My Son artifact. 
One thing special about My Son is the holy shrine. Visitor can actually get a look of the ritual room where during the old days, people used to pray in the room. 
Holy Shrine. Locals believed that water flowing the the shrine was pure and beneficial.
As usual, visiting those ancient places required walking much. ~_~ haha
This law apply to other ancient places as well. 

later, the sinh guider bring me to Wood Craft Village. 
Vietnamese are good in wood craving and also art.

Afternoon, after the My Son trip. 
It was the Hoi An trip. The time kinda pack. !!!! I have few hours to walk around Hoi An ... 
Luckily I am fit enough and perhaps lucky ... haha
To visit some certain Hoi An old quarters and old town, one need to buy ticket from representative store~

Hoi An is too much beautiful to be described in 1 post.... I decided to open a new post for Hoi An... to share some pics about  Hoi An Ancient Town. 


virginia bed and breakfast said...

This is a great place and a lovely travel destination as well. You can enjoy your destination by visiting the beautiful sights and sounds there and this trip is going to remember in your memories forever.

Alex said...

I actually enjoy Hoi An much better than Nha Trang, beautiful clean beach with no massive waves(you can go swimming, Nha Trang water is too violent for this), ancient city, wonderful relaxing nightlife, very cultural...

Lai Kok Soon said...

me too, i also enjoyed Hoi An much than Nha Thrang. Hoi An really really UNIQUE.

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