Broga Hills 5th Dec 09 , Semenyih Kajang

My first time climb Broga Hills with only Garmin GPS assistance ~_~

I decided to climb Broga Hills at night but afraid of robbery... then plan postponed to early morning at 4.30am... and ended up of waking up late ~_~ hahaha .. so .. depart at around 6 and reach there at 7am...through the Lekas Highway from Mantin, N9... It is pretty obvious to find the trek for Broga Hills, basically you just need to follow the trek and there are some junction... just ignore those junction and take which ever junction that you like because it will eventually lead you to the peak of the hill. .if you afraid lost, then take which ever trek that appear to be more obvious to you.

*all the trek should be ascending and not descending, if you are descending and not ascending then you might be in wrong trek*

alternatively.. you can use GPS as there are ready route for Broga Hill... (Garmin GPS map)

Direction to the Broga Hills, Semenyih,
Broga Hills is situated nearby Nottingham University.  the entrance will be at the Palm OIL estate.  If you go on weekend, around morning 6-7pm, you will see a lot of car parked beside the road. That is the place.

Check google map or garmin map.  I think the map will explain betta than me.

Broga Hill is very famous among the local...  a lot of people including elders and children always visit Broga Hill.

This trip was organized by my friend and also my senior - Aini (PD)
Recommended by Hafiz Pra, Thanks both of them for recommending such a great place.
here is some Highlight of the place,

The " X " from the X-files.

Climbing is Good and HEALTHY !
 There's a lot people hike Broga Hill during weekend. Certainly to grasp some fresh air and exercise and perhaps .... family outing :D

what AM I doing ? oh Gosh !

Kembara Family

 The Photographer of the Day , Drazyeluk Rfs

Flying Stand ~~

Ancient Kung Fu.

Kembara Pretties ^^

time to go home ~_~


alan tan said...

Nice photo! & I hope you love the Broga Hill hike :-)

Feel free to join Broga Hill Lovers - Facebook Group at http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=81317897674

Joe Joe said...

so much for the hiking~ it's a nice place with greenery scene~

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