Really Desperate jo

The more I study, the more I start to think about expeditions.......... Every moment, I will think about doing things that I loved. Rock Climbing is one of the stuff I am looking forward.. I believe I will enjoy it. Sea Kayaking or White water Kayaking also.... Damn.. too many stuff running in my head and start to bang each other...

Not to forget ... scuba diving....

when would I have time to do all stuff ??? Damn... stress building up because couldnot get the adventurous feeling that I wanted... not because of STUDY !

I am now thinking of carrying my backpack and hike :) and I am going to reach a place.... a place where promise a very nice scenery and a feel of satisfaction.

Why I looking forward for all those sports ? becoz 1 reason .. is to reach certain location that hardly reached by transport ~


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