Wall Climb Introduction Course at Putra Jaya

I went for a Wall Climbing at Putra Jaya extreme park on 12 Dec 2009. On the next day 13 Dec 2009, I also went to the rock climbing at Batu Caves. That 2 were introduction course to basic rock climbing. Organized by Kaynis via Malaysian Outdoor Trekking Hiking Scuba (MOTHS).

I learned some Basic Climbing skills  and basic belay skills. taught by Mr. Ho Chi Wah (from Kinabalu Climbing School)

wall Climb was RM90 and the Rock Climb was RM190.. zzz  I also feel a bit expensive for students ... what to do.. I want to step into that rock climbing field but I know no one. But after that.. I roughly have some basic knowledge regarding that..  I am now considering to take advance rock climbing. Looking for some people who can teach me properly. yeah ! but provided that it is Cheap ~ or else I think I will just forget it... becoz I know the equipments are not cheap also.

here, I will talk about the Wall Climbing at Putra Jaya
Putra Jaya Extreme Wall Climbing is actually free but they charge RM30 per head if organizing a course there.
Temporary Putra Jaya extreme park is free until 15 Jan 2010 where they will charge RM6 per head. Then there are some equipment rental fees if do not have any equipments. Here is their website : http://www.putraclimb.com/

here is some pictures of Putra Jaya Extreme Park - Indoor Climbing. 

Putra Jaya extreme wall climb looks nice... It seems to be quite new... and there are lots of wall to climbs...  and a lot of hang over... ( places where the wall coming out )

Before start, we all had briefing.

About safety...
and how to tie figure of 8. A knots that looks like 8 and it is most used knots in wall/ Rock Climbing.

One of the participants :D
and here comes me ~_~ The awesome Jimmy. haha.. Lol...

I struggled HARD to reach to the TOP ~_~ ... yeah !

Another Safe Climb. Yeah ! it's a satisfaction

Another Trial and another success ~_~ . Start to be addicted with this Indoor Wall Climbing.

Even a young kid can do that :P I am impressed with the family and the kid *

For more photos : Pls drop by at my facebook photo album (There are 2 Albums)

Conclusion : Climbing is considered a safe sport provided that all equipments were in good condition and proper safety precautions were used. Chances of injury from climbing will be very small if everything was followed... Either it will be serious injuries or no injuries...


Maria said...

hi, nice article! i am interested to go to this place but can't find directions going there.. do you have their contact number?
thanks much!

Kok SOon said...

i didnt have the contact number. i left everything at my home, I am working at labuan...

somewhere near dengkil. Try looking for the sign board Taman Cabaran. and follow that signboard. anyting just msg my fb. glad if i can help. TQ

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