travelling to Vietnam is as easy as ABC (Travel Log)

(Travel Log)

I am lazy to write in details about what actually happened... I will just summarize my 12 days Vietnam Trip here. 26 December to 6 Jan 2010.

Reach HCM via airasia ticket on 26th Dec Saturday Morning.
Vietnam GMT +7

Click "Read More" or the pic to read my log. I did include some personal experience.

Some Important Notes :
Most Vietnam do not speak English.... important to know how to speak number in Vietnamese language ..(for the ease of buying)

Always bargain.

"WC" is Vietnamese short form for toilet.

Street foods are usually dirty but cheap. Make sure the soup is boiling if want to eat street foods.

Motorcycle is common. There's a lot motorbike in Vietnam... Becareful when crossing roads.. Tips by my friend.... when crossing road, do not run and just walk straight. Motorcyclist will evade you while you should evade car. In other words, stop and give way for car/bus/lorry and ignore motorcyclist because they will evade you... walk slowly ahead without stoping unless there is a car/bus/lorry.

In Vietnam, people do not use the word "petrol" but "gasoline".
Max speed limit at town is 30km/h while highway is 60km/h. Very little gasoline station, most gasoline at sold at shop. Seller will put a bottle infront their shop to indicate that they are selling gasoline.

Across the Vietnam, the cheapest accommodation that I and my friend ever stay is 7USD while most exp is 15USD. (2 people)

Sinh Tourist (formerly known as Sinh Cafe) located at tourism spot. The company has branch all over the Vietnam. Sinh Tourist provide buses service from a location to another and tour service. Sinh Tourist is a very popular tourism company in Vietnam.

I travelled from Ho Chi Minh to Hue (middle of Vietnam) by using the Sinh Tourist service.
From what I noticed throughout my trip across Vietnam....  Sinh Tourist Situated strategically at tourism spot and there is a lot of budget hotel surrounding Sinh Tourist.. So, it is easy to travel as you just need to walk for sight-seeing or perhaps rent a bicycle/ motorcycle. (I prefer walking  because cheapest and convenient)

I personally think that most of Sinh Tourist service are quite poor. In fact, I think totally SUCK to the max...

Poor service.... Neglect customer... don't really care about customers' needs..... Unfriendly.... I think they dun really care much bout Asian....

However, it is a reliable company and Sinh Tourist has very nice buses.
Fucking part is they don't wait for tourist... kok hong friend late 2-3minutes and caused us ( me and Kok Hong) missed our bus for Cu Chi Tunnel. End up in paying extra 10usd to go there.
I conclude here ba....
HCM Sinh Tourist - service not good (sux)
Mui Ne Sinh Tourist -service not good (sux)
Nha Thrang Sinh Tourist - moderate (average - slightly below neutral)
Hoi An Sinh Tourist - Good ( ok )
Hue Sinh Tourist - ok (neutral)
Danang Sinh Tourist - ok (neutral)
Overall Sinh Tourist rating for me is 6 out of 10.... because of reliability.

I dunno bout Dalat and Hanoi Sinh Tourist... but certainly more or less the same...
Infact.. if I going to Vietnam again.. I will think twice before going for Sinh Tourist... I would consider other companies.

At Hanoi to Halong bay, I used other company... I think it is Queens travel (something with the word Queen). 32 USD only....2 days 1 night on Boat...
The tour guide was friendly and nice..

Beginning of day 1 :
Stay at Lele Hotel. somewhere nearby Sinh Tourist (formerly known as Sinh Cafe)
went to the War Remnants Museum.

 what's inside the Museum.... It is about Vietnam War history and there are lot of weaponry.

Later, drop by the the Reunification Palace ( nearby War Remnants Museum - walking distance)

It is a place once used to accept foreign ambassador and also there is underground bunker.

Then.....  Kok Hong and I walked around and came across pinky gals...

In Vietnam, it is very common to see beautiful girl driving motorbike.... but in Malaysia... you can hardly see one.... 

a Nice Plaza.... & a Nice Church ( build by French)... 

Not to forget, this is me standing in front of the Church entrance.

I also dropped by to visit the below building which I soon realise that it is actually their post office. There are tourists buying some nice postcards and stems.

The interior of Post office.
My Cousin bring me to a famous Traditional Vietnamese food Restaurant.

My cousin and his family taking pics with me.
END of day 1.

Day 2 : Half Day at Cu Chi Tunnel - (Vietnamese people pronouns it as Gucci Tunnel)
The tunnel was the stronghold of Vietnamese soldier against US army.  Those tunnels are awesome and they able to support weight of tanks.
Morning - went to Cu Chi Tunnel and here are the pics :D

Inside the tiny hideout of the Cu Chi tunnel......

get to discover how the tunnels really looks like ~_~
3 words for the tunnels
Dark and Small.

Tunnel pics - (using flash)

 At Chu Chi, visitor can buy bullets (10 bullets) to shoot. Price of bullets different from Ak47 till M16.

Then, I came across a girl making rice paper.

Tour at Cu Chi basically end fast. Just whole morning including transportation. cost 8USD from Sinh Tourist (Sinh Cafe)
On the way returning to HCM, bus drop by at Art Centre for disable.

Nice and delicate art works...
--Spend whole afternoon at Vietnam Market (I forgot its name, I think is Ben Than Market)--

Bought 1kg Weasel Coffee and another kg of Highland Coffee from this aunt :D

She speak Cantonese and is Guang Dong people. There are China Town but I didnt have time to visit that :(
My friend Kok Hong bring me to eat Coconut ice-cream. Awesome~ !

Traffic Jam infront Saigon Centre.

There are celebration on going at HCM. These are the dancers preparing for their performance.

Time 7.40-I am inside a Sleeping bus to Mui Ne.

Day 3:
Morning started with a breath taking view of Mui Ne Fisherman's Boat at fishing village.

Here goes the pics :D

& that's the fisherman's boat

No doubts when a person see so many fishing boats around, he will be thinking of sea food. Indeed... there's lots lots lots of people selling sea food at Mui Ne... Mostly are shells and is cheap... but ask the price 1st before eating...

Continue the journey to the Famous Mui Ne white sand dune, yellow sand dune, and Red canyon.

The Red Canyon.
and then the Famous White Sand Dune..... looks like dessert.... the place were windy but the sand was very soft.

Met Some friends....
and I played sand sliding....

Calm Beautiful lake at the White Sand Dunes.

It is convenient to go around Mui Ne by motor.

The Yellow sand dune.

Locals selling "tofu fa" at Yellow Sand Dune.

walking at fairy stream. Nothing much except the soft watery ground. Heard that there's lot of snake. So, becareful when walking around the rocks.
stopped by at the soy sauce factory.
Enjoyed whole morning.......
And the screwing parts were being cheated to Phan Thiet by local guide (motorcycles)
Nothing in Phan Thiet. Don't ever take motor to Phan Thiet. Total waste of time and money.
Here is the Phan Thiet trip.
you just get to see the big reclining Buddha for [VND 66000 - cable car & entrance ticket].

The reclining Buddha is the only attraction. (Maintained very well)  

There were ancient temple located between Mui Ne and Phan Thiet. There are many ancient temple across Vietnam. Only few are special and worth visiting. For example My Son one of the ancient temple.

some nice view across Mui Ne.

and the sea food...

Day 4 :
Half day at Mui Ne and took many pics...
early morning, fisherman repairing his fishing net

a fisherman's boat

Woman was drying up the shrimps under hot sun.

Children were helping out.
and then ..
Took bus to Nha Thrang from Mui Ne.
Reach Nha Thrang at night. Terrible speed limit of 60km/h, that's why the bus journey always painful and long. haha...
Spend the beautiful sunset moment inside the bus.

 Night reach Nha Thrang, - settle accomodation and then rent a bike for VND 30.000 for 6 hour and VND 20.000 for 1 litre gasoline.
had an adventurous night riding with a city with lots of motorcycles.
here is some of the sight-seeing. ^^

I miss the beach very much..... why??? because there were so many people dating along the beach......

TO BE CONTINUE with Day 5 : : refer to the next post ^^


William Choo said...

WOW!! I never knew Vietnam was sooooo fun a place to visit??! I mean....all these while I thought that place is nothing but paddy fields and trees....looks like I am wrong! XP

Lai Kok Soon said...

William be patient yea,, i wish to update this as fast as possible.. currently i cannot online frequently .. I need to kemas rumah for CNY>.< haha.. there's 12 days all together....

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