Vietnam Travel Log 3

HOI AN - ancient town in Vietnam
- one of the world heritage ( UNESCO) site -
 Vietnam have 5 heritage sites and I visited all 4 except the National Park. Basically all the heritage sites were attractive and unique except the My Son sanctuary which appeared to be less attractive (moderate).
The list of world's heritage Sites : http://whc.unesco.org/en/list

The best places I ever visited in Vietnam. Even though I had a short time to visit Hoi An but I am still satisfy.
The most important is that I spent my 2010 New Year at Hoi An Town !



Tips : Tickets are needed to visit certain ancient House or Temple (Assembly Hall) or Museum. It is important to buy a ticket because there was a map included. The given map was useful and it brings you around Hoi An Ancient Town.

I bought a ticket and I taught I can visit all the places, but it appears that you need at least 3 tickets to visit all the Ancient Houses.  ( There are many ancient houses and all houses more or less the same )

Buying a ticket would be sufficient to understand the Vietnamese culture and the Building Structure in Hoi An. (it is like a pass to visit Hoi An's Highlight )

However, I did not realize that until the next day when I looked at the ticket. What I did in Hoi An was a solo stuff because my travel friend ( Tah Kok Hong ) left me alone while he go find his friend for 2 days....
Because of my ignorant about the ticket,  I simply go inside people houses with  a mindset that " Now I got the ticket and I can visit all the places ! "
Sometimes, I was asked for ticket and being told that I need a ticket..... Because of communcation barrier.... I failed to understand properly and I continue visit.  I leave only when I were told that I am not allowed to visit : ( .. Besides, there are some guards that did not check your ticket unless you show to them.

Here are the pictures and their spouse (explanation) :
Hoi An Market
Shops in Hoi An
Temple in Hoi An. ( also known as Assembly Hall -  Gathering Place)
Inside an Assembly Hall ( most Assembly Hall looks alike)
Locals are making something using strings ~
Music Artifact. Inside a museum.
Example of ancient Dining Table. (In one of the Hoi An Muzeum)
To add on, Hoi An Museum did not look like Muzeum but more like ancient Shop Building. 
Another ancient dining table.
example of Bed in Hoi An - (Inside Museum)
The Art Gallery
Traditional Theatre. I went inside and looked around. I hoped that I were sitting there quietly to watch finish the drama but I just could not understand Vietnamese language. Therefore, I only watched less than 5 minutes.
I wonder if the Westerner understand Vietnamese? Because they were concentrating.
View of the Second Floor of Ancient House.
Artist was finalizing his artwork.
another Art Gallery.
Environment Friendly Roof House.
Picture of grandma feeding chickens.
(inside ancient house where locals were preparing food)
steet or lane ? 
Inside an ancient house. There are female officer that spoke English to explain the house history. Furniture in the house exceed 200 years old and yet it were still firm and sturdy.
street view
Monkey Bridge
Inside the Monkey Bridge
Monkey Bridge Temple. Everything was old and made of wood. Yet, it still look sturdy.
Picture of marble Dragon inside another Assembly Hall. (there are few Assembly Hall)
Ceramics in the Ceramics Museum. Unlucky them because I do not know how to appreciate ceramics :P hahaha
Another Assembly Hall.
I walked till Evening and I walked around to find accommodation. I walked and asked all the nearby hotels but none were available because of peak seasons ( it was 31st 2009 ).
Walked alone at Hoi An with dissapointed hope and some fear of no accomodation.
There were saying that " If you prepared for the worst, then you have nothing to fear of " but I just prepared half. That's y I am little scare.
I ended up back to SinH Tourist and I must thanks them for helping me to find a hotel. It was the most expensive stay among all my days in Vietnam ( 15 usd ). However, I am grateful to them Hoi An Sinh Tourist but not other Sinh Tourist. It is lucky to get a hotel because I already had something in mind that I am going to stay somewhere beside the road.....
I don't know it is actually a bad day or lucky day for me.. When I at hotel toilet, when I was half way settling my poo poo..... the electric suddenly went off.. I have to stop the process and find my head lamp... (fortunately I brought my lamp along)
Many things came into my minds because of the black out, was it because of  ghost or my bad luck or etc ... haha
I remained calm and later noticed that it was black out due to overuse of electric for the New Year Celebration.
Hoi An is full of night life. Night in Hoi An was as beautiful as the Afternoon in Hoi An.
I am tired and decide to reward myself with expensive food at Cargo Restaurant. People said that Cargo Restaurant were the Best. I decided to give a try.
However, the results were normal only. Perhaps I have high demands. I considered the price and the food taste... Merely not balance... price seems to be over expensive with the taste. Aint really good with given price.
Here is the food I ordered. It's Fish... Taste nice... but I think not worth paying for.
New year's Eve celebration at Hoi An. Here is the crowd.
Some type of French-Vietnam traditional Dance.
Shops in Hoi An were beautifully decorated with Lights and Tanglung.
Shops selling Tanglung.
Vietnam Tribe Traditional Dance.
another type of dance. It's the New Year's Eve. Celebration all along Hoi An River.
Traditional Games. - ( I call that Big Swing ) -
Hoi An town at Night.
Celebration March.
and that's all for Hoi An.

End of Day 6 and then next day heading to Hue.


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