Officially, My blog is CARBON NEUTRAL

carbon neutral local offers with kaufDA.de
Thanks to my friend, Paperer (Sze Wei). She introduced Carbon Neutral concept to me...Kinda Interesting.

The organizer is planting a tree under the domain name for each domain that is Carbon Neutral.
This is a very very good initiative and brilliant idea of conveying green earth msg ^^
so sweeettt.. :)

here is the website :)

Back 2 Gunung Datok

 I visited back my first mountain on 10th June 2010. It was Gunung Datok, Rembau.

This time, only  my youngest brother Jack and me climbed the mountain.. It was afternoon. A cloudy afternoon.

Because we climbed in weekday and in afternoon which were non-popular climbing time.... there's no other people except both of us. So, all the way up, we encounters a lot of black monkeys, lizards, and insects. The experiences of climbing were awesome and thrilling as we constantly saw trees around us shaking / moving caused by movements of monkeys:)

At the peak, we saw a dark green snake which was taking a nap under sun at rock...... and also another black monkeys.

Capturing Thunder & Lightning

( some time back around April-May, I wanted to post this but I dont have much time till now...)

A new hobby, infatuation actually :)

Out of boring caused by heavy downpour, I looked outside the window....
and then, decided to spend some of my quality time looking outside the window watching the rain.... 

Expedition Gunung Liang

Climbed Gunung Liang on 17 April 2010.Just to write out my experience of climbing here;

One of the memorable xpdc:)

16 April 
Depart from my Universiti Teknologi Petronas at around 8pm.
Stop at Tapah Resthouse to have dinner.
Reach Tanjung Malim at 10pm
Hike 1 hour 30minutes along small village road to campsite(starting point)
Overnight at the campsite

click to read more, and see more pics ^^