Reminder of myself

-Register for Wall-climbing 29th Nov
-Get into better shape
-Be Fit
-Study Hard
-Improve swimming and then learn Scuba Diving
-Plan for my coming Dec Trip- Vietnam
-Plan for Mount Ledang on December.
-Plan for Bukit Broga.
-Improve my english.

-a portable DSLR camera or Good Compact camera that able to capture pic in low light environment. (must have ISO 6400 or more and with biggest aperture but F1.7 will do fine with me)
-to travel to as many country as possible and climb their mountains.
-to get a secure JOB and financial.(Dream Job - working as specialist engineer in tough environment)
-get a watch
-get a cool sunglasses
-TO find a GF ?


Alex-| said...

to find a GF shud be 1st ;D

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