Vietnam Log 4- Last part

Day 7- Visited Hue *

Day 8- Went to Danang.

Day 9 - Visited Halong Bay *

Day 10 -Halong Bay

Day 11- Hanoi City Trip.

 **Halong Bay and Hue both are world heritage sites.
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Day 7 - 1st Jan 2010
 I took Sinh Tourist bus to Hue from Hoi An. Approximate 4 hours trip.

The bus stopped by Marble Mountain. (visitor can choose to visit Marble Mountain or go around the Marble Shop, - there is time limit, around 20-30minutes ~depends)
here is the pics :
Marble Deity inside the Marble Mountain.
The 4 Hell Jury pics out of 10.
Fine Marble statue - I don't really know what it called.. Seems to be symbol of sun

Marble art along the stairs to the top.
Statues of Buddha
View at the Top of Marble Mountain
Finished visit Marble Mountain, then continue journey to Hue.
Reaching Hue at around noon. Upon reaching Hue, a boy offered me a hotel and the hotel price were 8usd. Fall into my budget and it save my problem to find hotel. (it's convenient)
The first place. - I think it is a tomb. There were monks living inside.
I wandered alone at Hue and then a motorist offered me a ride to several places. At first, my initial plan were to discover Imperial City only and Hue City. I ended up in going to several places. I am satisfied with the trip. The guy even bring me to gold shop to exchange currency. Because of the fear of robbed, I gave extra VND 50.000 to the guy as tips :) made the ride to cost me VND150.000. (initial was VND 100.000) 
10 USD can be exchanged approximately VND 190.000.

Nice antique building.
I walked around and soon I noticed that it is actually a graveyard. A very old graveyard. I knew that because it was exactly like Chinese Graveyard. 
Ancient Chinese Graveyard. This showed that Vietnamese Culture were heavily influenced by Chinese.
Beautiful Colored Incense
Tu Duc Tomb Entrance

Inside Tu Duc Tomb.
Tu Duc was a large and beautiful tomb for Nguyen King. 
Old building that made of wood and still standing.
Mysterious Pillar. (total there are 4 pillars)
The King's Tomb
Up next is the Pagoda. I went through the tiny bridge.
Pagoda. (located infront river) I believe it would be a nice place to see sunset. (not sunrise)
Not allowed to enter into the Pagoda. Pic above show what inside the temple behind the Pagoda.
Big Vietnam Flag infront the Imperial City.
Imperial City was very big. It has area of 1600 meter square.
Took me 3 hours to fully explore the Imperial City.
Front of Imperial City. (Imperial City Entrance Gate)
Main Hall.
Giant Pouldron
Eunuchs and Palace Maids
Most of the Imperial City Building were destroyed during Vietnam War and mostly were under repairing. Imperial City less attractive than the Tu Duc tomb because I over estimate Imperial City while under estimate Tu Duc tomb. Tu Duc tomb can be considered well preserved as many buildings were still standing.
Inside the Imperial Cit. (back)
Traditional theatre inside the Imperial City. (new)
Greatly influenced by China.
Another building in Imperial City. (Imperial City is very big)
Nguyen Kings Memorial board.

Nice building structure.
I am watching beautiful sunset at the top of Imperial City Entrance Gate.

Day 8  :
Did not visit places except going to Danang to take my flight to Hanoi.
The Symbol of Danang. Bridge that can turn around.
At night, the bridge will be closed and turned in a direction that allow ships to go through. (info - fisherman go fishing at night)
Danang airport. Jetstar plane delayed for 2 hours. So, Kok Hong's Vietnamese friend bring us go around Danang.
Went to this bridget to watch sunset.
Group picture by using camera stand.

Vietnam Karaoke session. Very limited English songs.
Dinner time.
Day 9 :

Halong Bay Trip. Followed Queens Travel tour agency. cost me 32 usd for 2 days 1 night Ha Long Bay Trip (stay on boat)
stopped by at Art Centre when going to Hai Phong from Hanoi - (journey takes around 3-4 hours)
Beautiful girl and art work. Hehe
This is me at the Hai Phong Jetty before taking boat to visit Ha Long Bay.
Posing infront the boat. Can't resist my lust to sleep on the dragon statue. lol.. haha
Inside the boat. Dining hall.
This is a Boat. Haha^^
Eagle shaped rock.
went to visit caves.
The original color of the sea Caves roof. (without any color)
Will later be amazed when the roof combined with light.
I did not know how to appreciate those rocks.... but I just know that it is beautiful.
roof was shaped like waves. perhaps it was formed by corrosion from sea waves.
Nice and beautiful cave. - shaped like waves, this roof really giving me a pleasant feeling.
it is a very very unique yet handsome (beautiful) cave....
View at Halong Bay.
sunset at Halong Bay.
Dinner time.
Day 10
Nothing much except touring around Halong Bay to see rocks and then depart back to Hanoi in the afternoon.
early in the morning- while waiting for sunrise. Because of mist and mountains blockage..... It is impossible to see sunrise.
this is me pretending to be Jack Sparrow.^^
Thumb shaped.
The Symbol of Halong Bay.

Exploring Sea Caves.
Day 11
Old quarter.

Early morning : went to Ho Chi Minh House.
Ho Chi Minh's working area.

Posing infront Wooden Temple.
Highlight is here, Ho Chi Minh Museum
Inside the museum.
HCM museum is a worth visiting place. The museum is very big and has a lot stuff from History to the Art work.
Went to the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum. Inside Mausoleum, there were guards guarding the well preserved Ho Chi Minh body.
Flag Tower.
Then, I went to the Hanoi first University. The University looks alike temple but it has now become a tourism spot.
Saw students drawing in the University and there goes their art moments being captured by me.
Inside the university.
Ritual place.
Those days scholar attire.
A big Drum
picture before leaving the University.
Another temple. ( called Pagoda something but I did not see any Pagoda..... )
Nothing to see except to pray.
Maison Centrale. A prison museum.
inside the Prison.
I am posing beside rusty Jail door.
went to visit church.
church's inside.
at Lake nearby Old Quarter.
water puppet Theatre
Inside water puppet.
Water Puppet performace

Finally Finished.
at night went to airport and overnight there.
Day 12
saw this UFO stuff at airport.
took flight from Hanoi back to Malaysia.


William Choo said...

COOL pics!!! Wish I can go such places too! Hahah.... :D

IceRain said...

Haha! What a nice entry abt the trip!
Let I show you that...
The marble statue in 4th pic is a mirrow in hell. It is said that if some one go to the hell, he/she has to stand in front of that mirror. Then the mirror will show all the crimes that u did. Then he/she can't tell the lie. There also has a judge to judge him/her.

IceRain said...

For the 27th pic, this is Thiên Mụ Pagoda in Hue City! :D
And the pic abt the symbol of Ha Long Bay. This is the rock of "the kissing cocks". U can image there are a cock and a hen kissing! :))

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