Expedition Gunung Liang

Climbed Gunung Liang on 17 April 2010.Just to write out my experience of climbing here;

One of the memorable xpdc:)

16 April 
Depart from my Universiti Teknologi Petronas at around 8pm.
Stop at Tapah Resthouse to have dinner.
Reach Tanjung Malim at 10pm
Hike 1 hour 30minutes along small village road to campsite(starting point)
Overnight at the campsite

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17 April
Everyone get ready at 9am. Start moving at 10 am.
- Passed through a water dam at 10am.
Hike (1 hour 30minutes) exactly to reach a waterfall (river) - another campsite / check point
- according to Abg Yien guider, if rain,  the water would be moving fast and it is dangerous to cross over.
- stopped at the checkpoint to have lunch.
-Continue hike at 1pm. hike around 40minutes, there is 1 small place suitable for campsite / checkpoint
-Continue journey to final checkpoint - the final campsite. length of hike is 3 hours.
-at final campsite, there is a small water point.

18 April
Last night I slept at around 8pm.... at around 4-5am, I woke up. The camp was crowded..... I couldnot sleep well... the guy beside me also cannot sleep well.. It was raining throughout the night. water keep dropping on his sleeping bag making it wet.... T_T.... not much space to sleep well ... environment surrounding me is dark and wet
at around 6am... I decided to wake up and I wrote this notes at around 6.20am... It was still raining.
It was cold but my NorthFace jacket kept me warm throughout the whole night ^^

Getting ready and then start hiking to the peak at around 9.00 am... reach the peak at 10am (1 hour journey - ^fast^-) and then loitered at peak till 12 pm...

there are 2 peak at Gunung Liang. where first peak were called West Peak, then another were East Peak... haha.
time to descend from peak back to camp was 40 minutes.
-cooked lunch at the camp,
- start to descend back at around 3pm,
it took me  1hour 30minutes to reach the river/ water fall ....
again, it rain heavily..... the forest were so dense until I hardly feel the rain water.... but as I moving, it get less dense and here's lot of water dropping on me.... the forest floor were all wet and muddy... yeah !!

another 1hour 30minutes to reach the water dam.
another 1 hour to reach the Mosque - final place where Bus was waiting for me... haha

Had to wait for others to reach... start departing back at around 10pm... stop by at Tapah again to have KFC for dinner but it closed... so had to eat normal food. haha

reach back UTP at around 1am..... tired and slept at around 3 am after finsih cleaning all my stuff :D ^^

A lots of LEECHES
2 Days CONTINUOUS RAIN that make the expedition become sweeter and nice for me :D
It is quite COLD
The trek is quite tiring, little bit challanging
Nice waterfall
A group of tough friends
Nice food and nice chilling drinking water

here goes the pics :)))))
filling up fuel (a day before xpdc G. Liang)
First Night, Friday. Setting up camp at night
 next morning^^

start hiking
pit stop, water fall
this is me:) standing on top of mossy rocks ^^
along the way, 

night time - day 2
breakfast time
last day, at the Peak of Liang Mountain.
view at the peak
on the way, to another peak :)

back time, 
Photos Source --> from Ayie and Zubair via Facebook ^^
Some are from my phone camera^^


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