temporary Off

posted on 10/17/09  6:53 AM
I think i going to concentrate on my studies :P

there are few things on my mind which are :

1. to change the blog appearance into more simple type.
2. to master my swimming skills so that I will be fit for scuba diving test next year.
3. to build up muscle and stamina so that I would be more prepared for climbing and hiking.
4. to improve my English.
5. to learn more about my future internship :P
6. to learn more about other country economics.
7. to learn things that I don't know yet.
8. to do more aerobic exercise in order to improve the capacity of oxygen intake by my lung to maximum of my limit.
9. to get a gf.

tat's all.. I think I will seldom on BLOG and will probably active only after my Final paper. around late of November or early December.


S-e-a-n said...

i like your no.9 target :)

go for it!!

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