Where to go NEXT ?

Constraints = Money

Objective = I don't know

Have Passion for it = Certainly YES ~!

What's my desire ?
= To appreciate every moment of beautiful SUNSET in different places of the world and try to capture it with whatever currently feasible method.

What's the next place ?
= I don't know, but Mount Huang ( Huangshan) aka Mount Yellow that located in China seems attractive. One of the UNESCO nature site. It's world heritage....

Photo sources : Google image search.

Most probably next year or next 2 year depends on budget and friends......
There's current things floating in my mind for the next year JUN2010 trip. Most probably going to Hong Kong and Macau - if manage to get cheap air ticket and cheap hotel...

Another possible places : Indonesia- Bandung & Jakarta, Australia, Vietnam, Cambodia

However, I don't have any plan yet for this coming semester break which is on December.

Now headache with my assignments and presentation first... Better stop thinking and concentrate on study to avoid feeling guilty of spending + travelling.



It's worth place to be visited listed below :
1. Bali Island - Indonesia
2. Lombok Island - Indonesia
3. Sumbawa and Moyo Island - Indonesia
4. Exotic KOMODO island - Indonesia
5. Borobudur and Prambanan Temple INONESIA

many more is about Indonesia where exactly uniqe places aiting vo your visit

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