2nd time kinabalu Via Mesilau

This 7th January, I took a  flight to Kinabalu. This xpdc was organized by Amirul. total Cost RM1150.

Below is the itinerary of the trip.
7th - reach Kinabalu air port in the afternoon, spend days at Tanjung Aru, then transport to Rose Cabin (nearby Kinabalu Park)

8th - Start Climbing via Mesilau Trek

9th - Reach summit before sunrise and then descend via Timpohan Trail

10th - Went to Water Rafting at Padas River. At night, went to Nightmarket at town.

11th - Went to Manukan Island and then afternoon go to afternoon market. Night take flight go back LCCT.

Mesilau Trail isn't that simple, extra 2.5km making the total distance is 11km. Mesilau Trail aint friendly and it is up and down trek making it is much more challenging than Timpohan. As people said, Timpohan is for baby while Mesilau is for real adult.

About the sight-seeing, Mesilau trail is much nicer and quiet ( due to little trekkers) .

Highlights are the waterfall and another waterfall at the hanging bridge.
Hanging Bridge
I finally know how it's feel when leg cramped... Briefly, the muscle will tighten up and cause muscle unable to move ( unable to extend). There will be an intense pain at the muscle .

To threat cramp,
-one should relax his muscles.
-straighten the muscles.
-after relaxed and muscles were straighten, then only apply cramp medicine. Usually a (heat rub) would be sufficient enough. However, medicine could be applied immediately but make sure muscles must be relaxed and straightened.

** notes ** simply applying cramp medicine wont help to cure cramp but just temporary restrain the pain. Most important to have muscle totally relaxed and straightened.

Caused of cramp :
- cold
- not enough stretching
- lack of preparations (muscles are not used with continuous work)
- lack of minerals
- tired

- cramp is what that happened when muscle fail to relax after contracting and its tightened. Can cause intense amount of pain. After relax muscle, one can continue exercise and then get a good rest.

rose cabin, place that I stayed overnight before the Climb
morning view at rose cabin.

panorama view at front rose cabin.
Mesilau starting point.

Mesilau Trek
Flowers in Mount Kinabalu, Locals say it was their holy flowers.
friend of mine
meet a lot of new friends
Here goes the night climbing
Sayat-sayat check point.
 reached peak before sunrise
posting infont Gunting Bin Lagadan the hero sign board.
South Peak

Gorilla Peak

Me and the Abang Police
some nice and very very small flowers at the Top of the Mountain
Descending down late . around 8 am.... manage to see the formation of clouds
This cloud shaped like "love" upside down... I never edited tis pics, it's the original photo
the End;
next day went to Padas Water Rafting, Dun have much pics, but I just cold say it was AWESOME ! and also MANUKAN ISLAND in the following day and it was AWESOME too ~


~WilL!@m~ said...

I ACTUALLY wanted to do the SAME thing in Sabah like you did!!! Climb Kinabalu AND white water rafting! But tak jadi cause don't know a lot of details. Damn! Next time if I plan my holidays again, i know who to ask now! Hahaha!!

Lai Kok Soon said...

just follow tour package only ~_~... my friend organize 1 .. i just join.. met a lot of frens from different part of Malaysia :P and not to forget 2 strong uncles from Singapore :P

Tara Kim said...

What a great view to see and what a great stuff to do..
Ahhh jealous! >.<'

Vinns said...

wow~~ great de!! wish to go there one day..haha..but do u need to go thru any training be4 climbing d kinabalu mount..?

Lai Kok Soon said...

i recommend u try any mountain, i suggest Gunung Ledang first before hike Kinabalu :D

actually it doesn't require training, coz I didnt go for training, just that I am frequent hiker and passionate bout climbing :P

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