A day at gym

A day at gym on 14/9/09, I am actually underweight boy... height around 1.77 m while weight just around 57kg. Good news, I grew much muscular and now weighted 59kg. (updated 2 Dec09)
( been hiking too much and average each hiking made me to lose 1-2kg and I have to gain back my weight by eating more)


" Doing indoor jogging.Seems to be very easy but it is exhausting. "

I know what you all think.... This is NOT ME.... he is my friend, Zeuxiant Akom.... we both used to go to gym together on each Wednesday and Friday.

I hoping to gain some weight by going gym lo...
Average eating is 5-6 times. I try to eat the best possible balance diet available in UTP.

I have done some research on gaining weight. Among those is to maintain normal eating habit but adding the frequency of eating since eat more at a time will cause stomach to expand more and eventually cause discomfort.
Another is to eat balanced meals. Balanced meals means variety in meals .
For example :
  • breakfast - milk and peanut butter bread.
  • lunch - chicken, rice , vegetable
  • teatime - coffee and biscuit
  • dinner - beef, rice, other type of vege
  • supper - milo/ chocolate drink, + tuna bread
Variety in meals means not to repeat the same food again.. but at the same time, the meals must be balanced ( having vegetable/fruits & meat & grain)

I taken a pic of me and hopefully after few months, I will get bigger a bit :) haha

here is some nice picture of University Teknologi Petronas (UTP) Gym :)

Picture of me doing some workout. Hahaha.

At first, I taught being skinny cannot go gym... but it doesn't matter whether you are fat or skinny. All the people at gym are too busy building their muscle. They won't bother to look at you! So, don't care about other people.. just do your own stuff ~.~

A chest workout, Pushup Bar- If I not mistaken ... to train ur chest muscle.. Making it bigger so that ur breast could match with Leng Lui breast. Hahaha :)

A good leg workout. Making my leg stronger so that I will be more prepared for Hiking.

Gym could be a place to meet some new friends. I met a friend from Africa at 4 Sept 09. He were MUSCULAR. He is doing master in Geoscience at UTP. He taught me the proper way to do gym and how to do. To build up muscle, we need to do workout correctly. Correct workout will produce the best result in shortest time. Beginner like me need to start with bar 1st before dumbbell. Bar will help you to get use to the weight and help to make your body straight while doing workout. The African further added that one should not overdo and must allowed muscle to build up (to have enough rest). Or else..... muscle will become smaller instead growing bigger.

Picture of me doing Bar Workout. ( There's name for it.. but I have forgotten it .... )
According to the African, dumb bell is for fine tuning muscle. This means that you must have muscle only suitable for dumb bell.

Besides, the African told me that I need to have a target and count how many times. Decide a number of set that you going to do. Each set will be how many times you do. In between set, rest is allowed, while in a set, rest is not advisable.

Eg : 4 set to be done and each set must be 10 times.
means doing 10 times and then rest for few minutes ( to relax muscle) before continuing for another 3 sets. .

1.......2........ 3......... and PULL HARDand ... don't forget to drink more WATER ! water is the best liquid in the world !
For some reasons, UTP does not allow different genders to be in gym. Females are allowed to go to gym on Tuesday and Thursday.

Whereas, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday is for males.

However, no body is going to check on the gym. That means females and males can go to gym whenever they like.
Perhaps the supervisor of the gym is an understanding person. Just the UTP management give the order or create rules that females and males cannot be together.

The UTP gym is open on Mon- Friday and closed on Weekends and Public Holiday.

UTP gym does not have much equipment but it is sufficient to build nice body. I noticed one of the gym equipment spoiled and it havent repaired for weeks (more than 3 weeks).

To enter the Gym, student required to bring their matrix card and to sign the attendance book. However, I seldom sign the attendance book. Very few obey because most of the users did not notice about it, and they just walked pass the attendance book that seems to be insignificantly beside the entrance.

The gym opened at 8am till 10pm. But sometime..... it open a bit late.... and close a bit late... because I been to there (last semester) at around 12 midnight and yet it still open.... just around 1am.. a guy come in and requested me to leave because he wan to close the gym . I think he is the guy that manage the gym. He is a nice guy :)


Grim101Reaper said...

good for you man you just need to get you're supplement game on and try to eat more white meat than red meat cause (a) white meat is digested faster (b)red meat contains cholesterol u a multi vitamin and an omega three supplements keep it real bro and get DEM ROYAL GAINZ ;)

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