The TIME FRAME of mine till my coming holiday EARLY JUNE till LATE JULY

My Big to do list

Study thermo
Study EPM
Study management
Study control system
Study mom
Study fluids

Get a tattoo – preferably at arms – “Real pain is when I give up”
Make up my minds for the air ticket to Bali & Rijani Trip (8days) - solo
Plan my trip to Hatyai – Betong – Krabi – Koh Lao Liang ^^ (10days) -solo
Get ready with financial report for my trip.
Climb Mount Tahan in June.(7days) - solo
Go to Tasik Chini & Tasik Kenyir (3-4 days) – with families members: D

Get a Climber Watch
Get a shade
Get a climbing shoe
-Nothing more, Kok Soon – for now on, stop dreaming and concentrate on study 1st ! ! ! !
Plan for Kilimanjaro Next Year :D


Lai Kok Soon said...

tattoo - hold on... havent get a good design yet :(
bali & Rijani - canceled due to expensive air ticket
Thai trip - pending
Mount Tahan - pending
chini kenyir and road trip - tomolo :P

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