Rock Climbing at Wira Damai, Batu Caves

First of all, I think  I will put the information... then, later my experience in Batu Caves ~
Here it goes. The People in-charge for the Wira Damai Batu caves Rock Climb

Gerakan Belia 4B Malaysia
Cawangan Wira Damai.
Dewan Pembangunan Orang ramai
KG Melayu Sri Wira Damai 68100
Batu Caves.
contact details :

Tel : 03-61880005
H/P : 012-4812005
FAX : 03-61888734
URL : www.wiraconsultant.com
 13 Dec 2009 Sunday 8am-4.30pm
This course was also organized by MOTHS ( Kaynis )
a bit dissapointment with this because I done before Abseiling and infact many times already.... The reason that I want to go there is to enjoy the rocky surface of Batu Caves.
So how ? and what is my experience ?

There I saw a lot of enthusiastist of rock climber.... They all are very good. I admire them personally.. In my opinion, it is fun to hang out during weekend doing rock climbing...
I dont know that Malaysia has so many climbers until I witness it myself :D

Wira Damai is difficult to go but lucky I got Hand phone Garmin GPS... Garmin GPS is really good... but certainly with a price to pay off.. ^^

I think the climbing area is opposite site of Batu Caves Temple. The obvious part is you can see the Batu from Far.

 I am doing Belaying. I am not good at Belay.... but at least at the end of the day I mastered 5 steps simple Belay. Thanks to Mr. Lan that taught me how. This method is 9999999 % much more easier and better than the method that Mr. Ho taught me yesterday ~_~
In fact, abseiling also using the similar method and I just knew it because I did many times abseiling already.

 Learned how to belay properly and next is my turn to climb. Climbing is much more easier to me than belay ~_~...  because when climbing, everyone will be looking at you.

 An Advance Climber doing self-Abseiling. He climbed very high.... I can feel the fright just by looking at how high he climbed and now he coming down...

 Now, it's my turn to do Abseiling. Another safer method from Mr. Ho... which used 2 hands to hold the safety rope. But personally I still prefer to hold hands on different ropes because it will enable me to control my directions and movement much better.
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