Worries Versus Hobbies

I am now studying in Universiti Teknologi Petronas. As a student, I always been worry about my future career. Today, I just read straitstimes news about PhD holder now a cabby.
Here is the taxi driver blog : http://taxidiary.blogspot.com/

I am not worry or suprised because nowadays competitions for jobs are really tough. haha
I think that it is pointless to worry about until the very moment. Coz nothing can be done except improving the softskills and hardskills or whatever skills...... I think it is not worth to worry on something that I cannot change.

As a human, sometime we just cannot stop thinking.... and here come my questions.

I always ask myself about what qualitise in me that worth to be employed ?
Then, I think of .... The Law Of Being Equal....
I just normal human with not much skills... and what will makes me look different ?
Anway, everyone also want to look different....haha.. so it pointless to talk bout it ...

I think I should willing to sacrifice for my work and whenever possible I will get first hand experience so that I would understand betta.

I think I will not be picky in my job.. I would work as anything if the given salary satisfy me. of course I do hope that there's high future prospect in my job.

Most probably, I would tell my employer that I am the person that just don't know to quit.
You paid me and I hope to deliver what you expect. " Nothing is free"

Anyway, market nowadays are made to look friendly and good but there's lot of things hidden which my teacher call that Invisible Law. Invisible Law is just about things that you should know and what is prohibited even thought it is not stated in Laws.

When talked about hobbies, I have a lot of things that I wanted to do or experience :
1. Scuba Diving - I want to see what is inside the sea with my eyes. It's experience and another skills yet to be learned.
2. Sky Diving and Parachute. I want to experience what it's feel when jumping out from aeroplane and land safely with parachute. But I am scare...... I fear if there any accident. so this 1 will not be high priority.
3. Rock Climbing. Rock climbing seems fun and looks inviting expecially for Hiker.. I believe I should know how to climb and get my first rock climbing experience as soon as possible. Of course with all the safety precautions taken.
4. White water kayaking. It seems a bit dangerous.. but at least must experience the feeling when falling from a waterfall.

Things that I been tried and what I would continue.
1. Hiking - certainly undeniable that it is one of the best. I love to hike because it give me a feel of satisfaction and solace whenever I reached top of the mountain. I enjoy the most Fucktacular scenery at the top of the mountain.

2.White water rafting - I tried once but I hope I will go for more white water rafting experience. It's really fun and thrilling. It's give you the exact amount of fear you needed while enjoying the beauty of fresh water.

3. Wall Climbing- did not enjoy much because what there's no scenery but just to show off to public that you can climb... not really worth.

4. Kayaking- kayak may be tiring but I think kayaking from a location to another location will be fun... means that I am looking forward for sea touring kayak. It's more like hiking but this time using hands. I am sure those remote small islands have fucktacular view.

5. Cycling is fun... but I don't cycle much.. anyway... I would love cycling because cycling is like hiking and it will also give you clearer view of a place compared with driving a car passing by.

6. Caving would be fun also. you can see something hidden from the world.

7. Abseiling also fun and enjoy.

Just to sum everything up.. I am searching for nice view and I love nature. That's y I love photography also ... but I am not so particular with camera as long the camera give me what I want. because the purpose is to record my journey only. anyway quality still GOOD.

And here is the Picture of the day, one of the archeological sites at Ayutthaya, Thailand.

Below picture show that Buddha face covered by tree trunk.
aka. Tree Trunk Buddha :

The other pictures show the surrounding of the area. It's definitely a worth going place and cheap also if you go on your own by train from Hualampong, Bangkok to Ayutthaya which just cost you 20baht and 2 hours train ride. Perhaps can stop by halfway before reaching Ayutthaya to visit the royalty temple. The royalty temple closed at 4.30pm.. so if you want to visit north of Bangkok, besure that you get the train timetable which in Thai words at Hualampong main Train station- at any counter. Just take time to analyse the timetable and match the Thai words with the place you want to go. Ayutthaya is written in english in the train schedule, so no need to worry. and remember to wake up early and get the earliest train so that to have more time to visit Ayutthaya. 3hours not definitely not enough, at least 4-5 hours. however that's depends on individual.. If there is no time limit, then the best is to rent bicycle there and stay 1 night. It will be a FUKING great experience and budget travel. Coz tat's what I call explore yourself rather than hiring a Tut-tut for a day that bring you here and there.....however that time I went is by hiring Tut-tut.. the price reasonable and depends on hour.. make sure u negogiate first because Tut-tut always try to slash you with tourist SPECIAL price.. haha.... but if I got more time, I will choose to stay a night. :)


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