my 1st wall at Climbing Genting Trip 7-8 August

Went to Genting Highland on 7-8 August 09, Like others, my friend ( lipin & yiyang) and me went to the themepark and etc.
Besides, we tried Archery ...

Archery at genting cost - RM9 - include certain number of arrows + free coaching

but we are 3 here... so we go for a package which is RM36 - ea RM12 - which provide much more arrows + free coaching...
means we get to shoot more... haha

On the Right Picture, is the result of our archery skills. Middle 1 is mine... (7) ... on the left is Yiyang (8) and the right is Lipin (6).
No doubts, we have no talent in archery... better stick to something more practical.. hahaha
or perhaps we are not Mongol Khan Legacy.. haha

Only yiyang and me went for indoor- rock climbing .

it's not really tall but just a taste of indoor climbing.
Enjoyed it... haha .. did not manage to reach top but almost....

This is me , after the wall climbing at Genting Indoor Park.


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