Kembara Induction Camp July 2009

I was away 3days for the Kembara induction camp.(2,3,4 Oct 09)
Tat camp pretty fun and relax.
There's a lot senior that purposely come to this camp :D
Some senior are funny.... infact... all of them are funny and good at creating jokes. They all are really Unique !

This is the 1st time I become intruder for the camp :D

below are some highlight of the camp :D

1st day, depart from UTP at 6.00pm reach the Murni Camp (somewhere at Gopeng)lots of bags..... the yellow one is my Bag.

Some of the fish caught by Kembarians Senior.

Securing the rope :D
The pro-photographer taking some snap of Abang Yien crossing the vigorous river.

Abang Yien crossing the river back after finished tying the rope on the other side of river bank.

The third day highlight was the Waterfall Abseiling. ( Ulu Geruntut)

Beautiful waterfall..

Briefing for the waterfall abseiling. Top 2 pictures show the participant trying to go down through abseiling.

I did try the abseiling, it was the same with normal abseiling and the extra were just water were crushing on you and the stone more slippery.

There are Caving, Treasure hunt, and Owling on second day but I did not join :D
Those are for junior but senior can join together also....

I saw some pic of the Caving at Addy Facebook Picture.... Damn... it was damn nice.. regret a bit for not going to the Caving. . .... haha
here is the pic of ADDY inside the Komunis Cave gopeng.
Photo Source : Addy's Facebook Photo
He is a great and very very ACTIVE in outdoors. A great person to meet with :D
And finally the last day, Family Picture :D
(Photo Source also from Addy )
The Project Director of Induction did a really good job together with his fellow committee. Thumbs Up :D

Further details at Kembara UTP blog : http://kembara-utp0910.blogspot.com/


aD mAgiciAn said...

lol..no need tu puji2 me like dat jimmy
nice,,eh2,,itz GREAT to meet u too..

Lai Kok Soon said...

lol, itu fact ... I memang boleh tengok semangat kat diri awak.. haha

arima said...

go jimmy.... always support kembara... dats was great

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