Hidden Attraction in Seremban A&W

Last saturday ( 5 Dec09 ), I was asleep till 12 midnight because lack of sleep and after Broga  Hills. Woke up with hungry stomach and get my late dinner..Later, we all went to A&W Seremban to watch some racing ~

There were road show by some Malay Car enthusiastic. They are showing their Daihatsu modfied Mira Car at there.

Perodua and Daihatsu was actually more or less the same.. Just location difference..
Kancil same with Mira but Kancil was made in Malaysia while Mira was made in Japan.
Same goes some other Perodua car ~
Here is some pics I took with my N79 phone. (videos were edited to avoid dizziness)

pics above show a wira without bumper due to collision with another car. 
As usual, there are always minor accident at Seremban Town on Saturday 2-3am ~_~

heard that, the car will be damaged further to be qualified for more insurans money ~~


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