Capturing Thunder & Lightning

( some time back around April-May, I wanted to post this but I dont have much time till now...)

A new hobby, infatuation actually :)

Out of boring caused by heavy downpour, I looked outside the window....
and then, decided to spend some of my quality time looking outside the window watching the rain.... 
then, I decided to take some lightning picture using my handphone...
my phone n79 video record at 30fps 640X480 ... not a high end quality but it is sufficient for me.
then I crop some pics out of the video using some free video editor that enable me to select from frame to frame.

Able to capture lightning is a matter of Luck and combination of skills :)
It gives me such much satisfactions.... until sometime, i wanted so much to buy a good DSLR camera :))

here some pics :))

copyright not reserved >__< hahaha.. just copy only ba, if u liked my pics ^^... haha..


~WilL!@m~ said...

The 1st pic caused the video to be cacat-ed a bit, due to the lighter shade on lower half of the pic.

I agree! Lightning move so fast! It is pure luck and skills to capture one! And you did it quite well! Haha!

YOU WANNA GET A DSLR??? I WANT TOO!!!! Hahaha.... but mine is more for macro food pictures! Hehe...

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